"Sasanka's knowledge spans more than just typical career coaching and resume reviewing. Sasanka is a visionary leader that brings a unique perspective to career growth and advancement” -  Rodney.

A Coaching Program for Unleashing Your Potential

We help you prepare for interviews through mentorship, resume review, revision, understanding of the market compensation, and tips for the next stop in building your career portfolio.


Gain the Tools & Skills You Need to Excel in the Interview Process

The program is designed with close to a decade of studying interview processes and working with hiring managers and recruiting teams across startups to the largest sales organizations. The program provides the individual with the tools and skills they need to succeed in their job search, giving them an edge over other candidates in the job market.

a man checking a resume paper while having an interview

What we offer through a decade of understanding what hiring teams are looking for. 

Career Session

Sharpen your skills with coaching and get actionable insights for improved interview performance

Mock Interview

Build confidence in a safe environment with live interview practice and get constructive and structured feedback

Group Coaching

Network with other career seekers applying for the same role and practice your pitch

Salary Negotiation 

Understand company, level and role specific compensation based on proprietary data

Interview Navigation

Know how to navigate a multi-step interview process and how to ask questions at each stage of the interview

Resume Revisions

Work one-on-one to craft your resume around your career story

LinkedIn Review

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile so recruiters and hiring managers can find you fast

Free Consultation!

Learn more about how we'll create a Personalized Interview Development Plan based on your goals


Don’t Miss Out On That Next Sales Job

71% of HR leaders report that the lack of efficient processes is preventing them from hiring the right candidates.

At Leon Antra Career Consultancy, I’m dedicated to changing that. With close to a decade of experience in developing the newest generation leaders, my passion for helping people succeed in their careers has just grown.

My first company, LaunchSource, helped 10,000 individuals acquire the skills and confidence to land jobs in the tech industry. Today, with a network of over 400 companies, I’m committed to improving the recruitment process and empowering job seekers with the tools they need to succeed. Whether you're just starting your career, looking for a change, or seeking to advance, I’m here to help you reach your goals.

Founder of, LaunchSource

Workforce Equity Activist

Enterprise Sales Experience

BBA from UMass Amherst

Mentored 250+ individuals over 8 years

MBA, Babson College

Sasanka D. Atapattu
2021 Boston Business Journal’s 40 under 40
Coaching participants have gotten sales jobs at the fastest growing startups and established corporations 

Leon Antra is a metaphor to represent “Lions Den”

Leon Antra is a place where individuals can go to find the strength and power of the lion within themselves, in order to achieve success in gaining the modern tools to advance in building their career portfolio.

The name evokes the image of a lions den, which is typically associated with strength, power, and dominance. Our hope is that you come into the den where and leave with the strength and courage of a lion or lioness to get the next role in building your career portfolio.

two lions, a female and a male
Two lions
big male lion

What people who wanted to break into tech sales are saying today. 

"Sasanka's knowledge of the tech Industry landscape has been Invaluable In helping me navigate my journey as a young career professional. Working with him has allowed me to go Into Interviews fully prepared to tell my story In a compelling way, ask Insightful questions of the Interviewers and understand the hiring landscape as a whole.
Looking back, I don't believe I'd be In the role I am today If I hadn't worked with Sasanka."

Elizabeth Glavan

"Sasanka's guided me throughout my career. I go to Sasanka before every single interview.

Sasanka gives me actionable interview advice I've implemented in interviews spanning across, BDR roles, and all the way up to Enterprise Account Executive roles.

I've succeeded in moving my way up through the ranks thanks to his process of vetting out companies that are the right fit for you."

Steven Arenas

Leveraging these new learned skills opened the door for me to work for some of the top tech companies in the world."

"It took very few focused coaching sessions and I was able to confidently project my skills to multiple tech companies.

Ndu Nwachuku

"My career wouldn’t be where it is today without Sasanka’s knowledge and guidance throughout the interview process.

He was quickly able to target where I was falling short and I saw an immediate positive impact as soon as I started implementing his recommendations.

Extremely grateful to have worked with him and can’t recommend him enough."

Jacob Hampel

"Sasanka provided the exact oneon-one interview coaching I needed to land a sales role in tech. His support fully prepared me for the interview process and I was able to accept an offer from the next company I interviewed with.

Highly recommend his services to anyone that wants to ace their next interview."

Dave Ahlquist

"Sasanka's wealth of experience and expertise in hiring makes him the ideal career coach for anyone that is navigating today's job market.

With Sasanka as your guide, you'll be empowered to reach new heights in your career journey."

Rodney Cesar

Sasanka’s expertise, knowledge, and coaching have been invaluable for my transition into tech, and especially in a sales role.

Sasanka found material areas for improvement that made me stand out above other applicants! He not only helped me with my resume, but also advised me on my LinkedIn profile, overarching career advice, mock interviews, and interview strategy.
I am grateful that I met Sasanka- he’s AWESOME!

Jong-Ki Yoon

"Sasanka prepared me for success in the interviews and beyond. I wouldn't be where I am today without the coaching and preparation!"

James Peters

"Sasanka helped me prep for job interviews allowing me to connect with rising tech startups in the Boston area. Thanks to Sasanka landed my first BDR role and now I'm an Enterprise Account Executive thriving in this field!"

Sylvia Parol

"Sasanka has been the best sales coach and mentor I’ve ever had. I write this review at31 years old and I can tell you I’ve had frequent calls with Sasanka over an hour long where he has continued sales coaching on topics such as prospecting, issuing proposals, proper discovery questions, and even how to fit a start ups culture."

Connor Gregory

"Thanks to Sasanka, I feel much more confident in my interviews by understanding what hiring managers are looking for in the market. By enhancing my professional approach, I was able to land the role I wanted!"

Ricardo Gonzalez

"Sasanka helped with the information and knowledge to win a role at one of the leading tech companies in the industry. I've been able to progress in my career in just a few months."

Hammad Khan

"Sasanka helped me jumpstart my career in Tech and I am forever grateful. The process was very straight forward and helped build my foundational interview skills to win my first Tech sales role."

Henri Lanier

"Sasanka helped build my sales and interview skills allowing me to connect with several growing tech startups, leading to me receiving multiple job offers.

I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today without Sasanka's help!"

Zack Hildenbrandt

"Sasanka’s passion and dedication to what he does is beyond words!

He is a laser-focused and sharp leader in the industry: committed to what he does day and night, invested in the process from stage zero to the finish line and is a friend who knows and understands each individual he works with.

I cannot say anything but great about Sasanka”"

Masood Mahdavifar

"Sasanka was a tremendous resource for me In my journey within tech sales beginning without any prior experience.

His coaching helped me feel prepared and comfortable to step Into a BDR role"

Rocquell Russell

"Not knowing what to do with my life or even where to start, Sasanka helped pave the way for my entry into sales.

Through very thoughtful, hands-on preparation he gave me the discipline and knowledge I needed to land my first tech sales job.

Fast forward to now, he's played a massive role in propelling my career in a leadership position."

Joe Wilkes

"Sasanka is a proven sales professional whose knowledge and expertise helped me break into tech sales!

Not only did he prepare me for the interview process, but helped me review my resume and LinkedIn which was a key factor in leveling up in my career."

Davas Wright

"Sasanka, aided me in defining my career objectives and confirming a path that would lead me to achieve them. His insights and expertise, gleaned from his own career journey illuminated my opportunities requiring improvement.

Based on years of experience, his advice has not only helped me start a career in tech sales, but also made my discussions with managers easier.

Marquis Caesar

A Good Fit Or Not?

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Perfect if you want to understand...

Perfect if you want to understand the landscape of tech, pharma, or a sales career and looking for interview readiness help, including resume revision, LinkedIn overview, best practices in interviewing.

Perfect if you want a scorecard...

Perfect if you want a scorecard on a self evaluation of your own interview in order to get better.

Perfect if you are willing to...

Perfect if you are willing to collaborate to make your resume better

Perfect if you are able to...

Perfect if you are able to listen,watch videos and take input to clean up your digital profile

Not a fit if you are not willing to...

Not a fit if you are not willing to follow-up and collaborate with your coach.

Not a good fit if you are not willing...

Not a good fit if you are not willing to do a mock interview and put in the work to review a scorecard and discuss best practices in getting better.

Not a good fit if you are expecting...

Not a good fit if you are expecting someone else to rewrite your resume and completely hand it over since you won’t learn anything from this process.

Not a good fit if you are not willing to...

Not a good fit if you are not willing to put in the work to listen, watch videos and take input to clean up your digital profile and try different hacks to stand out further your career.

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